A Blog About Not Blogging.

August 21, 2009

8:00 am. The weather is cool. Rain drops delicately splash through the screen of my open window, congregating in miniature puddles on the sill. A gray hued wind gently sways the cottonwoods back and fourth with the sound of crashing waves. The house is cool, and the creeky wooden floor feels nice on my bare feet. Steam rises up from the stove, my tea is done. I pour the boiling water over the loose leafs as an aroma of cinnamon and orange spice fills the air. I walk across the room and sit, steam rising from my mug. Opening up my laptop with only one thing on my mind. I turn it on, open up i-tunes & push play. Soft piano starts, then a hi-hat hit and that timeless trumpet, piercing through the thick air in perfect harmony with every thought that ran through my head since opening my eyes that dreary morning. Suspended in a daze, like taking a water break under a shade tree on a hot summers day. That fleeting feeling one has in a moment when the brain is still, when it allows you to be calm, if just for a moment. Miles seems to know what Im talkin’ about. Just listening to Blue & Green can take you there. So with who else would I spend my time in this moment, this grain of sand in the hourglass, sure as hell isn’t anyone on the TV. My few free moments are reserved, not for institutions that have structured boundaries and blank faced agendas, but for people within reach, with feeling, with individualistic contortions of personality & style, with soul. So, Miles and I sat, lost in that little moment, the beginnings of a new day. Soon after, the song was over, I opened up Safari, started checking emails, as if nothing had happened. Work & conscious effort transformed that moment, although the feeling of moments like that linger with me everyday. Assisting me as a navigate my way through the radio waves and brightly colored images attempting to distract my attention from myself, from that common humanistic character, from passion.


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  1. Your writing is great! You should be a writer and write a book! Love it!

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