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The Credit Ratings Deboccle

August 14, 2009

“All you need to do is fill out a credit application. I will e-mail it to you tonight.” Sweat pouring down his plump, red face as he spoke. “You can bring it by my office tomorrow if you like. After I get your approval I will get you a contract.” The words seemed near foreign to me. Looking up at this jolly round man. Wondering how my credit score had anything to do with rental of this very modest, studio apartment atop a bbq store in Delano. The space not much bigger than a sardine can. Well within my budget. Bland in appearance, with barely enough room to fit all of my belongings. The view out of the windows was of an alley. The carpet used, but recently shampooed. The smell of fresh paint and cleaning supplies battled with the old, wood & mortar smell of historic buildings. Long past the days of brothels and gunfights, Delano was now a destination for vagrants such as myself. Another mecca of Counter Culture ideals and values. A place timelessly insulated from the ebb and flow of urban sprawl. Yet piercing through the brick walls and the cleverly arranged independent store fronts, in this safe zone, this place of serenity, were the ideals of a malfunctioning, glossy and trim yet grossly obese system. A system that has plummeted us into recession. A system that has historically been overhauled time and time again in a desperate attempt to pacify evolution with the cheap mask of false understanding. All the while tempers flare. Rage on all sides of every debate seems to drag us further into noise. Where there is a possibility for a tone as sweet as the first time you heard Miles play a trumpet. As complexly perfect as Beethoven. Yet without consideration, falling more and more into the lines of a Britney song (before it is auto-tuned). When each individual seems to see things in black & white, right and wrong. Forming unions based upon common visions and interpretations.  One side knowing something the other doesn’t. Facts and lies all being pushed to progress an agenda. The noise of America. I stood, in the midst of a whirlwind. Anchored firmly by my beliefs. By my research. By what I have learned. Still, I was being pulled from myself. Being made to cohere with this silly, false way of identifying my responsibility as a renter. The credit rating system. A system based on black and white. “Did you or did you not pay? Did you pay late? You owe this money that you haven’t paid, you must be irresponsible. You can debate this bill if you like, however, court fees will be immense and you signed a contract indemnifying us of your accusations.” In a country where a $1 overdraft in your checking account will be taxed at a minimum rate of 30 to 1. Where the “collection agency is always right”. Where credit reporting commercials run every 10 seconds placing fear of bad credit in every Americans heart. Motivating them to spend $29.95/month to keep track of their credit. These companies such as Equifax have to know that most people with bad credit have the tendency to spend spontaneously. Is provoking them to spend more money by making them fear their credit score really going to help them? All the while business large and small use these same agencies to acquire credit reports. Reports that will rise and fall every time you let a library book go to far past its due date. Or if perhaps, you apply for credit and get denied. If you apply for credit and get denied, your credit score goes down. How does that make sense. It seems as if this is yet another brilliant business model. Predatory lending-esque in its depletion of funds in households with lower incomes. I haven’t a solution for this. Just a sour taste in my mouth and a desire to isolate myself further from these spiderwebs. So will I get this apt? Yeah, most likely. Still, the dance we have to do every time we time we sneeze is old and tired.